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Communities throughout Central Alberta offer services to support educational opportunities through Campus Alberta Central.  See what your community has to offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Campus Alberta Central (CAC) a college or university?

Campus Alberta Central is not a college—it is a joint venture between Olds College and Red Deer Polytechnic, operating as Campus Alberta Central. It offers courses and programs to students in rural Central Alberta. These courses and programs belong to those colleges and you become a registered student at their college.

What is the difference between credit and non-credit courses/programs?

Credit courses/programs are recognized by the Provincial Registry System (Advanced Education & Technology) and may be transferable to other accredited post-secondary institutions. Non-credit courses are courses not covered within the previous statement.

Are all courses/programs that Campus Alberta Central (CAC) offers credit programs?

Campus Alberta Central promotes post-secondary credit programs and non-credit career development certificates from our joint venture colleges. Please check program details for information regarding credit and transferability.

What is transfer credit?

Transfer is the movement of students between post-secondary institutions. Transfer credit is credit received for prior post-secondary studies and recognized toward a program credential at another post-secondary institution.

What is the Alberta Transfer Guide?

The Alberta Transfer Guide:

  • Explains the transfer agreements between Alberta post-secondary institutions

  • Lists transfer agreements for post-secondary courses and programs in the province

  • Lists all information about admission to post-secondary studies.

For transfer information see: Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS)

I think I have some transfer credit. How do I transfer from one type of institution to another, e.g. a college to a university or between colleges?

Contact the institution that you wish to attend and ask about transfer credit before registering in any courses or programs. You may or may not have advanced credit. DO NOT ASSUME anything – check out the information with the institution.

Can I take a program in my community? Will I have to travel?

Program locations vary depending on the year / semester and with 21 communities in our network, your choices are diverse. To find the location of the program you are interested in, please check out the programs page. Some programs have labs you may need to travel for. Please contact the delivering institution to receive full location information.

When is the application deadline?

Application deadlines depend upon the program to which you wish to apply and the semester in which you wish to begin studies. For application deadlines by semester and program, check out the programs page All applications must be made to the institution delivering the program.

What are the prerequisites for the programs?

Requirements vary dependent upon the program and the delivering institution. All of the prerequisite information can be found by calling the program contact at the institution delivering the program.

Does Campus Alberta Central offer any scholarships for students?

Campus Alberta Central does not offer scholarships. Students may be eligible for funding for some programs but must inquire with the institution delivering the program. See also student finance page.

Do you offer full-time or part-time programs and courses?

Many programs offered through Campus Alberta Central are designed for part-time students to enable learners to work and/or manage life commitments while studying. Some programs will be full-time so please ensure you read all of the information on the program sheets on the program page. For more information about programs, please call the program contact at the institution delivering the program.

How do I find out what is available to learn remotely?

Campus Alberta Central offers programs in communities in response to a regional learning needs survey. We ask, listen and respond to community input. To find the programs being offered, please check out the program page.

Can I take a course or program online or by correspondence?

Campus Alberta Central programs are usually blended delivery and some are online. Correspondence is not available. You can find more detailed program information on the program sheets on the Programs & Courses page. You can also find courses by delivery method on the Government of Alberta Edinfo website.

How do I find out if there is a program that I might be interested in?

You can ask your local Community Adult Learning Council or Career and Employment Centre to help you find the career and education planning services your require or by searching Alberta Employment has Career and Employment Centers in many communities. Find your community learning site on our Find A Learning Site page. Find yours at ALIS:Career Services website or the Community Learning Network (CLN) website.