What We Do

Student success is a high priority for Campus Alberta Central. Community Learning Partners within the region provide access to information, technology and support to help ensure students have a positive learning experience.

CAC site leaders are there to help answer your questions.  Most locations can provide a quiet place to work and access to a computer.  CAC sites offer the following student support services:

Career planning

Exam invigilation

Post-secondary program information

Assistance with pre-requisite courses

Help with application/registration process

Connection to college departments

Information on student aide and grants

High speed internet access

Video conferencing

Agency referrals

Student Testimonials

Mikaela Smith Testimonials
Mikaela Smith

Raegan Forster Testimonial
Raegan Forster

Student Testimonials
Brooke Clarke

Jacqueline Lyle Testimonial
Jacqueline Lyle