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Campus Alberta Central works with community members and local employers to determine the programs most needed in the region. CAC programs include training in high-demand fields such as trades and health care as well as a range of options in business and human services.

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Campus Alberta Central uses the most up-to-date technology to deliver programs.  Whether online or in a blended format that includes hands-on instruction, all programs supported by CAC provide high quality, accredited training.

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Accounting Technician Certificate

Red Deer Polytechnic

As essential members of any organization, bookkeepers perform vital tasks in financial and administrative services. They are in demand as general bookkeepers, accounts receivable/payable supervisors, payroll administrators, office managers, budget co-coordinators and administrative assistants.

The Professional Bookkeeping Certificate will provide you with a broad foundation of knowledge and skills needed to enter private practice as a professional bookkeeper or elevate your career within your present company. Your commitment to professional growth will generate opportunities for yourself and your organization. Our convenient, flexible schedule will help you meet your educational and professional goals quickly without the need to take time off from your present job.

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Administrative Professional Certificate

Red Deer Polytechnic

An administrative assistant is the cornerstone of the modern office. This person is adept at using current computer software and technology and is a life-long learner. The Administrative Office Professional program allows students to develop the skills needed to move forward in this in-demand career.

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Agribusiness Finance Certificate

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

Upgrade your management skills and improve your financial assessment skills. Whether you are a rural business owner or an agricultural lender, this online program will assist you in promoting better business practices within conventional and non-conventional agriculture.

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Agricultural and Heavy Equipment Technician Certificate

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

This comprehensive program will give you a thorough understanding of engines, hydraulics, braking, electrical, starting, charging, fuel systems and more.

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Apprenticeship & Industry Training (AIT) Exam Prep

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

These online, self-directed courses are interactive with innovative learning strategies. The courses are developed to help you learn the competencies required to be successful in passing the Alberta Apprenticeship & Industry Training Entrance Exam. These courses are able to be customized by the learner!  Each trade requires a variety of different requirements (for example some require Math similar to 20-3, some recommend higher levels), but each of these courses has no prerequisites. The learner can choose which competencies to study that pertains to the exam he or she will be taking. Challenge yourself to increase your success!

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ASCHA Activity Coordinator Certificate

Red Deer Polytechnic

The ASCHA Activity Coordinator Certificate is designed for those with an interest in working in recreation and planning activities in the seniors' housing sector. This program will orient you in the fields of leadership, communication, conflict resolution and client satisfaction. The training will assist you in developing your personal and professional development, understanding the principles of recreation and leisure, and program development.

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ASCHA Site Manager Certificate

Red Deer Polytechnic

The ASCHA Site Manager Certificate is designed for individuals with an interest in gaining knowledge and understanding of the senior housing industry. It is intended for those who want to advance their careers toward supervisory and management positions.

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Beef Production Certificate

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

This exciting new beef certificate will provide online training to students interested, or already employed, in the livestock work force. Each course within this certificate can be taken as a stand- alone course to enhance your current skill set, or you can combine all five to complete your beef production certificate.

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Business Administration Diploma

Red Deer Polytechnic

The Business Administration program prepares you for a wide range of careers in different business and public sector organizations.  This program provides a broad background in accounting, finance, human resource management, information technology, marketing, economics, statistics, management, law, and policy.

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Cannabis Production Program

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

This program prepares graduates for employment in the growing cannabis production industry, or to support those already in the workplace. This program provides entry level job-based training paired with hands-on experience, and is committed to providing graduates the skills needed to enter into employment with a range of cannabis producers, from medicinal to adult use. Students can expect to spend four months in four intensive online courses followed by a five-week blended course which includes a one-week field study. This field study will include spending time with one of our partners and supported by an online experience.

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Early Learning & Child Care Diploma

Red Deer Polytechnic

The Early Learning and Child Care Program trains professionals to work with children from birth to eight years, with some related preparation for working with children from eight to twelve years of age. Throughout the program, there is an emphasis on developing caring relationships with children and families.

Equivalent to Level 3 certification

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Educational Assistant Certificate

Red Deer Polytechnic

Educational Assistant Certificate graduates assist teachers in both instructional and non-instructional tasks. Gain interpersonal and practical skills as well as the capacity to work with students with special needs.

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Health Care Aide

Red Deer Polytechnic

The Health Care Aide program prepares students to be a part of a health-care team in a variety of different settings, providing high level of front-line care to clients in need of assistance. Red Deer College is licensed to deliver the Heath Care Aide Government of Alberta Provincial Curriculum, designed and maintain by Alberta Health Services.

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Hospitality & Tourism Diploma

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

Whether you decide to work abroad or remain close to home the skills you acquire in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program will prepare you with a solid management focused education allowing you to be employable in many businesses around the world. This unique 15-month accelerated diploma program requires students to complete work experience components along with an applied management residency.

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Human Resources Management Graduate Certificate

Red Deer Polytechnic

The Human Resources Management Graduate Certificate is designed for degree holders, in any field, looking to fast track their career into Human Resources. A Graduate Certificate caters to working professionals who are looking to obtain a specialized skill set in a short period of time.

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Introduction to Brewing Certificate

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

This online introductory program prepares graduates for employment in the expanding brewery, microbrewery and brewpub industries. The program provides insight into brewing science and technology, recipe formulations, and packaging. Each course may be taken as a stand-alone course and when all five courses are completed successfully, the student will receive an Introduction to Brewing Certificate.

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Leadership Development Certificate

Red Deer Polytechnic

Learn about a variety of leadership styles, emerging developments in leadership today and the differences between leadership and management. Discover the tools needed to expand your leadership capacity at any level within your organization and community. Explore which leadership style works best for you and how to apply it at work or home while focusing on being open and responsive to change.

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Management Certificate

Red Deer Polytechnic

The Management Certificate provides basic business skills leading to management positions within an organization. The certificate also provides opportunities to further advance your studies at RDC in the field of business, as courses from the Management Certificate can be applied to the two-year Business Administration Diploma.

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Management Skills for Commercial Kitchens

Red Deer Polytechnic

Management Skills for Commercial Kitchens Program provides you the opportunity to develop kitchen management skills that focus on inventory control, budgeting, menu planning, marketing and human resource management in a variety of settings – restaurant, care facility, institution, camp cook. Eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant!

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Management Skills for Supervisors

Red Deer Polytechnic

Have you recently become a manager, or aspire to do so? Do you need to build your management capacity to meet organizational goals? Being responsible for the effectiveness of others requires a delicate balance of goals, teamwork and encouragement. Learn the skills and knowledge to effectively manage others and maximize productivity. Combine professional knowledge with people skills to thrive in your management role.

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Practical Nurse Diploma

Red Deer Polytechnic

This full-time program delivered in a blended format over two years, prepares graduates to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) following graduation and successful completion of the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam. As a LPN, the graduate will provide nursing care in a variety of health care settings, such as hospitals, the community and other health care agencies

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Pre-Health Sciences Certificate

Red Deer Polytechnic

This two term certificate is an opportunity to explore RDC’s different health programs while upgrading missing courses, build a strong knowledge base and receive advanced course credit. With direct pathways to enter into RDC’s extremely popular Practical Nurse Diploma; Pharmacy Technician Diploma; Medical Laboratory Assistant Certificate and Occupational and Physical Therapy Assistant Diploma, the certificate provides students a chance to receive advanced credit toward these programs

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Red Deer Polytechnic University Transfer Program

Red Deer Polytechnic

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Trauma Informed Educator's Certificate

Red Deer Polytechnic

Trauma-informed practice by educators and caregivers can inspire critical improvement in learners affected by trauma. Designed for individuals who work with children and youth in learning environments such as childcare centers, support programs and traditional classrooms, this certificate develops practical skills to implement in the learning environment. Working with case studies, course readings, and class discussions, students develop the skillset to ensure learners impacted by trauma have the best opportunity to succeed.

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Veterinary Medical Receptionist Certificate

Olds College of Agriculture & Technology

Do you enjoy working with people and share a love for animals? The Veterinary Medical Receptionist (VMR) provides client care as the “face of the practice” and hands-on animal care to farm and companion animals, both large and small.

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Campus Alberta Central (CAC) is a joint venture between Olds College of Agriculture & Technology and Red Deer Polytechnic that provides post-secondary programs to communities throughout the central Alberta region.


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